October 22, 2018


To Our Valued Customers: 


We regret to inform you that our dealership will no longer handle the product lines of Stihl, Honda, Ariens and Billy Goat. We as a family and management team arrived at this difficult decision after lengthy, thoughtful and careful consideration. Over the past 10 years, we have experienced increased competition from other retailers and “big box” stores which has made it more and more difficult to justify handling these product lines. During the same period, we have been extremely successful in our partnership with Kubota Tractor Corporation. Kubota has become our core product line, and we aim to devote all of our energy into being one of the premier and most innovative dealerships in the United States. 


Our mission remains the same: “Family Quality Value, delivered one customer at a time.” This decision will allow us to focus on our core brand to deliver the best dealership experience we can provide. We understand that this decision affects many of our valued customers substantially, and we apologize for any inconvenience you may experience as a result of this change. Had we chosen to continue with these brands, our service capabilities would have suffered resulting in poor experiences for all of our customers. Though this decision may seem sudden, it is the best way for us to move forward and remain competitive as a customer focused local business. 


We are extremely grateful for your years of patronage and plan to serve this region as your Kubota dealer for many years to come. There are many great local dealerships in the area who handle these brands, and we have listed a few of them below. Please feel free to look further by visiting the dealer locator on each brand’s website. 




Jeremy & Josh Ahearn



Caola Equipment - Worcester, MA - 508.753.8102

Park Saw - Palmer, MA - 413.253.2939

146 Supply Center - Millbury, MA - 508.865.3800



146 Supply Center - Millbury, MA - 508.865.3800

Boston Lawnmower - Westborough, MA - 508.898.3500

American Rent-All - North Grosvenordale, CT - 508.949.6464



City Power Equipment - Charlton, MA - 508.248.7464

Caola Equipment - Worcester, MA - 508.753.8102

Boston Lawnmower - Westborough, MA - 508.898.3500



Penny's Appliance - Sturbridge, MA - 508.347.1556

Caola Equipment - Worcester, MA - 508.753.8102

146 Supply Center - Millbury, MA - 508.865.3800




Why did we do this? 


Answer: We have had so much competition from “big box” retailers and other dealers that we have not been able to remain competitive with our prices and deliver high quality customer service at the same time. 


Why can’t you sell me parts or do service on the machine I just bought? 


Answer: Even though we sold you the machine, the manufacturer will not allow us to order parts or perform warranty repairs if we are not a current dealer of their new equipment. 


Are you guys going out of business? 


Answer: No, we are not going out of business, nor are we experiencing financial hardship. Collectively, these brands only account for 4% of our total business. Our intention is to focus more heavily on our core brand in order to deliver exceptional service. 


Why won’t you work on my machine even though it is out of warranty? 


Answer: Unfortunately, these brands will not sell parts to us unless we are a dealer who is selling new product. Therefore, it becomes too costly to our customers as we have to purchase all repair parts at retail prices from other dealers. 


How long have you known, why was I mislead that you would support this product? 


Answer: Our intention has never been to mislead anyone. Though we have been struggling to retain these brands for a long time, rapid changes in the economy and manufacturer policies have forced us to end our relationship in sudden fashion. 


Are you going to pick up other lines? 


Answer: No, we have no intention to replace these lines of equipment with other manufacturers.


What am I supposed to do now? 


Answer: Other local dealers are aware of our exit and will uphold the manufacturer’s warranty and will likely be eager to gain new customers. We recognize that their service process may be different than ours. However, many of them do a better job than we do. We have all of these references and can provide them to you. 


I bought my machine from you because you said you would be able to service it for me in the future. 


Answer: That is true, and we apologize that our decision has put you in that situation. Our goals have always been to do the best we could with the brands we handle. However, these manufacturers have changed their strategies due to economic circumstances that are out of our control. This has prevented us from continuing to provide the service that you have come to expect from us. 


Can I return the machine or parts that I just bought from you? 


Answer: Unfortunately, we cannot take back or refund any items that have left the building. If you have purchased a machine or parts that you have not yet taken delivery of, we can cancel the transaction and refund your money. 


You just worked on my machine last month and it’s having the same issue, what am I supposed to do? 


Answer: If we repaired your machine in the last 90 days and the repair has failed, we will work with you and your machine to solve the issue. If it is an unrelated repair, then we ask that you bring it to one of the referenced dealers. 


If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please leave a voicemail for me by dialing 508-885-7085 x140, and I will respond to discuss. Thanks again for your patience and understanding.  - Josh Ahearn